I’m Idoia,

graphic artist based in Barcelona!


Graphic design, illustration, collage, ceramics. Indeed I like many things and all of them are part of my daily work.

I studied graphic design at ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona. But I believe part of what I am as a professional has been built through being self-taught. I’m addicted to learning and I like to discover and try things out.

I have worked for 7 years in the graphic design team of the Ara newspaper. Learning to discern what is most important, and having a clinical eye would be one of the things I trained most during my days in the newsroom. Learning to be decisive. Also to know what it was like to have a deadline every day. Within the team I was art director of the economy supplement ‘pawn’. Weekly supplement of what I was responsible for art direction, layout and infographics.

In the last few years I have created my own studio. I combine works of graphic design, illustration and collage. I have allowed myself space for other disciplines such as ceramics and screen printing and have moments to mix everything.

Many of my works are very conceptual but not literal. I like to play with images, see where they take me if I give them different space. I like my day to day work to be curious. I like that the work I do for each client is unique and custom-made.

I’ve always liked getting my hands dirty, being curious to try things out. These premises are leading me right now to develop a collection of ceramic and collage pieces.